Real ice cream

As one of life’s affordable indulgences, ice cream is still the ‘go to’ food for celebrations, special occasions, a pick me up or simply to add to a favourite treat at home.

Ice cream is our specialty and whilst we are always innovating with new flavours, we are also great at making our award winning classics such as our couverture dark chocolate ice cream, mango sorbet and our unique vanilla bean (which uses a cultured vanilla bean that is cultivated in our kitchen).

We collaborate with local dairy farms, strawberry farms, wineries, coffee houses, breweries and other primary producers to incorporate local products into our ice cream base.

Our ice cream is all handcrafted as we churn REAL cream, pasteurised egg yolks and sugar to ensure our texture is beyond creamy. Once you have tried Lick’s decadent flavours, you will want it in your freezer as a permanent fixture.


Custom ice cream cake

Order one of our custom creations for your next event or celebration

Choose your own base flavour and we build your cake from there. You can choose the scooped flavours on top to form your own cake. Cakes come decorated with mini cones, chocolate ice cream bon bons and are drizzled home made Belgian chocolate and butterscotch caramel sauce. #icecreamcakeslikenoother

Homemade desserts

Our sundae creations appeal to all of the senses with lashings of homemade sauce and other toppings (brownies, wafers, sprinkles, lollipops and more) that, combined with our ice cream, fill large sundae jars.

Our sundaes are not just a dessert, they are an experience. From our colourful unicorn sundae to our rich chocolate or butterscotch caramel sundae, or our iconic OMG strawberry ice cream blended into a strawberries and cream sundae, there is nothing better on a hot day to share or have an indulgent moment alone.

Too cold for a sundae #nevertoocoldfor icecream? We have just the thing! Our winter warmer desserts include melted lava chocolate puddings, homemade apple crumbles, a variety of brownies and our famous doffles (cross between a donut and a waffle). Added with our delicious ice cream and a dusting of cinnamon sugar, these desserts will keep your mouth dancing long after you have left our store.


Freezer packs

Need a quick getaway, hump day or feel-good-Friday take home pack?

We have just the thing. A freezer full of flavours to choose from and take home, packaged in 920ml and 460ml tubs. Add some sprinkles, a scoop and a cooler bag. Who needs main course?


We currently supply our decadent ice cream to independent supermarkets, delicatessens, fruit and vegetable markets, stores that hold frozen goods such as fish markets and a range of other small convenience stores who stock premium products.

Currently our range can be found in stores from Townsville down to Northern New South Wales (and our footprint is growing). If you are interested in sampling our ice cream and would like to stock us, please get in touch.

We also handcraft premium gourmet ice cream, gelato and sorbets for a wide range of restaurants, cafes, catering companies and functions centres as well as major hotel chains throughout Queensland. Our Chefs work closely with restaurants to help finesse flavours and complement menus. We can assist with anything from a blueberry and maple frozen yoghurt for a breakfast event to a beef jus ice cream for main course or as classic as individual layered parfait molds for a gala event.



Our 36 signature ice cream flavours and sorbets are in all our stores.

Each fortnight we add special flavours in keeping wth the season. These are available as a scoop (or two or three), in pre-packaged 920ml take home tubs and/or as part of a one litre scoop to order tubs from our ice cream cabinet.

Allergy Information

Please note that we cannot guarantee that our products are strictly free from allergens.

Our kitchen is very careful and has strict processes when making ice cream, but cross contamination is a possibility during production.

If you are allergic to certain foods, please ask the staff for assistance as they have been trained to scoop from a new tub of ice cream and we have allergen scoops available to make your experience with us, an enjoyable one.

Our staff are trained in assisting you if you are a coeliac or have nut/dairy/egg allergies. Please speak to our friendly team member and they will make your in store experience just as enjoyable with our great range of gluten free and dairy free ice cream and dessert options.