Since 2004

Starting in 2004 in a small kitchen, Lick has grown to become the name which is synonymous with the production of Queensland’s finest and most decadent premium ice cream.

At Lick we have customised over 1000 flavours for some of Queensland’s best restaurants and cafes as well as providing ice cream to the Ekka for it’s renowned Ekka Strawberry Sundae since 2011. We are also a regular supplier to a wide range of retail outlets and independent grocers throughout Queensland.


So naturally
we love to help

We have been lovingly supplying the iconic EKKA Sundaes for brisbane since 2014

Lick Ice Cream is proud to the be the producer and supplier of the ice cream that goes into making Brisbane's iconic Ekka Strawberry Sundaes.  Each year, our team works around the clock to ensure the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association (RNA's) Ekka kiosks are supplied with the freshest, full cream, locally produced ice cream.  Sales of the Ekka Strawberry Sundae help to fund medical research at The Prince Charles Hospital.