A Lick custom ice cream cake

… for their special occasion. Order one of our custom creations for your next event or celebration

Choose your own base flavour and we build your cake from there. You can choose the scooped flavours on top to form your own cake. Cakes come decorated with mini cones, chocolate ice cream bon bons and are drizzled home made Belgian chocolate and butterscotch caramel sauce. #icecreamcakeslikenoother

Order online for collection at one of our stores. Your cake will be provided in a styrofoam box for easy transporting. Once it leaves our store your cake will remain solid for approximately 30 minutes. If you need to travel a longer distance please discuss options with our team. Please note that Sorbet is not suitable to be used in our cakes at it melts quickly. Please also make sure you have space in your freezer.

Specialist Desserts
Have your cake and eat it too. Our specialty deserts are extremely
customisable, click order to begin defining your dream cake.