Is your Mum the coolest?

What better way to celebrate your Mum with one of our ice cream filled hampers.  "Hugs & Kisses", the perfect gift for sharing with your Cool Mum.

Each hamper is gift wrapped in a special Mother's Day box and contains:

❌ 1 Tub 460 of Hugs & Kisses ice cream (White Chocolate & Raspberry)

⭕ 1 Tub 460 of our original rich Vanilla Bean ice cream

❌ 1 Tub 460 of our decadent Couverture Dark Chocolate ice cream

⭕ 6 Waffle Cones

❌ 4 eco friendly cups/spoons

⭕ 1 bag of x0x0 mixed lollies

❌ 1 bag of Hugs & Kisses choc coated biscuits

⭕ 1 bag of Belgian milk chocolate hearts

mothers day 2
mothers day